MBTI® Personal Impact Report Identifies "best-fit" type; boosts interpretation quality and personal interaction

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 30, 2014—CPP, Inc. (CPP.com), the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, family of products, today announced the introduction of the MBTI Personal Impact Report, which brings together some of the instrument’s most powerful and popular applications in one comprehensive tool. Designed to reduce the administrative burden on MBTI Certified Practitioners, the new report is an all-in-one resource providing individuals with the most practical and relevant information about how their personality preferences affect their lives and have an impact on the world around them. The report streamlines a process that previously required practitioners to locate and assemble numerous CPP resources on their own.

"Even the most knowledgeable practitioners often face difficulty in gathering the right resources to give comprehensive and accurate feedback to help people derive the greatest value from the MBTI assessment," said Michael Segovia, lead facilitator for CPP's MBTI® Certification Program. "We’re constantly developing new resources and methods, and what's available has naturally become a little fragmented over the years. With this report, we've distilled all that down into one document that covers all the essentials."

Facilitating the Personality Type Process

The MBTI Personal Impact Report is geared toward improving the ability of MBTI practitioners to guide people through this process. The report includes type-tailored insight on work, team, leadership, communication, decision-making, and conflict styles, and information about type-influenced reactions to stress and change, as well as activities that guide the process of identifying best-fit type.

"The four-letter type code yielded by the MBTI assessment gives an indication of a person’s innate preferences, but it is up to the individual to confirm his or her own best-fit type and develop a perspective that can be useful in multiple aspects of life, in and outside of a work setting," says Segovia. “That process takes some significant coaching, reading, and reflection."

Continuing the Work of Carl Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers

CPP CEO Jeff Hayes has noted that the new report is continuing in the MBTI assessment's history of making abstract theory accessible and practical. "We've inherited a great tradition of making Jung's largely academic work readily available and accessible to everyone; for instance, the MBTI instrument is now used by the majority of Fortune 100 companies. That was Isabel [Briggs Myers]'s passion, and we're continuing that story by continually refining the resources available to MBTI practitioners to better the lives of individuals."