Ernst & Young Academy of Business in the CIS and UK-based OPP announce their new training partnership to jointly expand business services within the emerging CIS market.

Moscow, Russia, March 28, 2013—OPP and Ernst & Young Academy of Business have further extended their strategic alliance to promote wider use of the globally recognised MBTI instrument in the CIS market. OPP has appointed Ernst & Young Academy of Business as its MBTI Training Partner, authorising them to offer MBTI qualification training workshops delivered in Russian and led by Ernst & Young Russian-speaking, OPP-certified instructors. Business in the CIS countries and the CIS government organisations will now benefit from Ernst & Young’s highly regarded business training ethos, with the welcomed addition of OPP’s MBTI-based qualification, leadership and development training expertise. The first CIS-based MBTI qualification programme will be launched in Moscow in September 2013.

Both Ernst & Young and OPP view this partnership as a significant achievement to support their long-term growth plans within the emerging and global markets.

“The CIS business market is rapidly redefining its approach to talent development beyond conventional business skills,” states Olga Bulatova, Ernst & Young Partner and the Head of the Academy of Business. “Our more sophisticated customers are highly motivated to improve employees’ ‘soft skills’ and communication styles across three tiers of business – individual, team and leadership – with the goal of improving organisational effectiveness. Ernst & Young Academy of Business is thrilled to partner with OPP to be the first CIS-based organisation to offer this complete package to the market.”

“Ernst & Young has an established global reputation”, says Clive Thomas, OPP’s Chief Commercial Officer. “It is a benchmark for excellence. Partnering with their Academy of Business to make MBTI more accessible in this dynamic CIS market was a natural move for OPP.”

MBTI-qualified Tatiana Timoshina, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young Academy in Moscow, will be one of the training tutors. “It is standard practice at Ernst & Young to constantly create new products to respond to client needs”, she adds. “MBTI-based programmes in Russian seemed like the obvious solution. We have experienced MBTI’s success first-hand within our own Ernst & Young divisions. We know what works. The fact that MBTI is the number one personality tool used around the world made our decision even easier.”

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the world’s most widely used personality tool, with over two million MBTI assessments used each year by government and business organisations. This robust, internationally-recognised tool brings unrivalled insights into personality and behaviour and is the most comprehensive system for creating sustained improvements in personal effectiveness within multiple business environments. It unlocks potential in people, developing authentic leaders, building cohesive teams and helping individuals to work more effectively, providing organisations with a competitive edge.