HR assessment leader picks Halogen’s award-winning Talent Management Suite™ to build an engaged and fully aligned workforce

Ottawa, ON., January 7, 2013—a world leader in personality, career, and organizational development assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment,—is using the award-winning Halogen Talent Management Suite™ to align its workforce and support employee development and career progression.

As the company that publishes the most widely used assessments that can help improve workplace performance, CPP understands the importance of investing in learning and development. The company was seeking a talent management solution that would support organizational alignment while providing both managers and employees the ability to track goal progress and manage performance in an interactive manner.

“Our goal is for every employee to understand that his or her work makes a difference and is critical to CPP’s success,” explained Nicole Trapasso, Division Director, Human Resources, CPP. “Halogen supports our talent strategies by helping us support this goal and our employees in the best way possible.”

CPP selected Halogen based on the talent management vendor’s reputation for customer-centricity, the clear alignment between the two organization’s cultures, and because Halogen’s solution is flexible enough to grow with them as their talent management strategy evolves.

“In researching Halogen we quickly realized that integrating all our talent programs would benefit CPP in the long run,” stated Ron Ketelsen, Talent Management Consultant, CPP. “Halogen allows us to easily create and manage job descriptions and then use them to drive our other talent management programs. From the product’s ease of use to the great customer service — Halogen was simply the clear choice.”

CPP is using the Halogen eAppraisal™, Halogen eRecruitment™, Halogen eLearning Manager™ and Halogen Job Description Builder™ modules. The company is taking a phased approach to implementing Halogen, placing a strong focus on educating employees on the solution so that employees at all levels understand its value in terms of improving organizational alignment and driving the development of its people. CPP has just completed implementation of the Halogen Job Description Builder module. “The ability to generate job-specific appraisals based on these descriptions will really help us drive accountability,” said Trapasso.

The Halogen Talent Management Suite is the only system built from the ground up to drive higher performance. Every module in the suite integrates seamlessly to provide a consistent and intuitive experience for users. It makes it easy for organizations to have all the information they need to build a world-class workforce that is aligned, engaged and delivering on business strategy.