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Who:—CPP, Inc. (, the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment

What: CPP’s new infographic, High Spirits or Holiday Stress?, suggests ways to use personality type to “banish holiday stress & boost overall cheer.”

Why?: During the holidays most of us stress out, and often about similar things – the American Psychological Association cited lack of time (67%) and money (62%) as biggest common stressors. Yet, how we each respond to holiday stress can be so different that you may miss signs of stress in co-workers, loved ones…even yourself! However, understanding personality type can help us predict and manage our own and others’ stress.

Where to download
: “High Spirits or Holiday Stress?” is available for free at

In brief: Part I details common signs of stress for each of the 16 personality types, with helpful tips on ways to calm down and enjoy the season; Part II suggests how understanding personality type can help you make the most of visits to family and friends, offering tips to interact more intimately; Part III helps you use personality type to get that perfect gift, providing gifting tips based on MBTI®; type preferences.

Happy Holidays! From CPP – The people development people

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