MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, September, 2012—CPP, Inc. (, an industry leader in research, training, and organizational development tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, released a report detailing the results of its Myers-Briggs® Type and Social Media Report. Based on survey responses from 1,784 participants, the report revealed that those who prefer Extraversion are the most active social media users across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.

"Higher social media use by those who prefer Extraversion appears consistent with their general tendency to be more energized by external environment than those who prefer Introversion," said Rich Thompson, Research Director, CPP, Inc. "Social media is just one additional way of engaging."

All survey participants had previously taken the MBTI assessment, which is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type, and examines how individuals prefer to:

These four preferences combine to form 16 possible four-letter types and represent innate predispositions that interact with and are shaped by environmental influences.


Although Facebook use is generally commonplace (65% on average across all personality types), specific use varies by personality preferences and types:


An average of 33% across all personality types reported being active users of LinkedIn


Compared to Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter is used more narrowly across all personality types, with 11% of study participants reporting active use of the platform

Read the full Myers-Briggs® Type and Social Media Report.