March is B Corp Month!

March 12, 2019

B Corporations (B Corps) are changing the way world does business. Now that we have Certified B Corp status, we’re proud to be leaders of a global movement using #businessasaforceforgood.

In 2018, The Myers-Briggs Company achieved Certified B Corporation status, joining more than 2,750 Certified B Corporations from over 150 industries and 60 countries.

We’re proud of this. It shows we’re changing the way we work and our commitment to doing business in a way that considers the triple bottom line – people, profit and planet.

B Corporations consider the impact of their business on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. This means that as well as doing great things for our business, we’re doing great things that have a broader positive impact too.

March is B Corp Month in the United States and Canada. We’d like to celebrate by sharing some highlights from our US community squad. Thanks to everyone who has made this happen!

We held a company-wide B Corp “Hackathon”

Not only educate employees about what it means to be a B Corp, but (more importantly) to generate ideas on how we could all make our company better—for our employees, customers, community, and the environment.

We have plenty of activities lined up for this year – look out for updates on our environment, employee, customer, governance and community initiatives.

Learn more about B Corporations

Read this Forbes article on the rise of B Corps, and see the B Corporation and B the Change sites. If you’d like to speak to us about our experience, please get in touch.