MBTI Online Refresher Course for Certified Individuals

May 8, 2018

Recognizing that MBTI® Certification may have taken place a few years ago for some individuals, CPP has put together a new online video course designed for practitioners who want to run an MBTI training but don’t quite feel prepared. This course provides an easy, convenient way to renew MBTI Certification knowledge, jog the memory and boost practitioner confidence.

The course is a self-paced, on-demand set of videos (just over 2 hours in total time). It is instantly available upon purchase for 90 days of unlimited access. Designed to be completed in as little as a single afternoon, it provides a brief but comprehensive review of the information practitioners need to quickly get back up to speed and facilitate MBTI® trainings with ease.

Created by CPP’s MBTI® Master Practitioners, the online video course includes key topics such as MBTI theory, interpreting MBTI results, type dynamics, analyzing a team type table, and other topics critical to the standard certification program.

Learn more about the MBTI Certification Online Refresher course.