Communicating for Results

April 10, 2018

According to The Conference Board’s 2018 C-Suite Challenge™ report, CEOs are seeking an open, safe, and transparent culture of feedback by encouraging more effective communication up, down, and across the organization. In addition, a Towers Watson study cited a 47% higher total return to shareholders for companies that are highly effective communicators vs. companies that are the least effective communicators. But sometimes, the challenges of trainer availability or face-to-face time with remote workers can limit your ability to roll out trainings that improve your organization’s communication.

To help organizations better address these challenges, CPP is introducing Communicating for Results, an end-to-end virtual training program that enables you to implement MBTI®-based development at scale and with ease. It’s designed to improve your employees’ and organization’s performance through more effective workplace communications.

The virtual training program is 100% online, including live virtual sessions. Anyone in your organization can participate, wherever they are based, and this new offering includes white-glove service from CPP. From delivery and course management to support, Communicating for Results saves you and your employees time by removing barriers of resourcing and stress of participant coordination.

Most importantly, Communicating for Results promises to deliver measurable results. Formal evaluation is built in to the program so measuring program engagement and success won’t require extra work on your part.

Learn more about the Communicating for Results program here.